A Good Companion In Life

A sharp, interesting foreground invites viewers into the image, and gives the impression on how great it is to have a companion in your life
How great it is to have a companion in your life


Photography is a beautiful hobby to be a good companion in life no matter in what stage of it you are currently in. As in all disciplines, is very important to have a great guide to introduce you to it. Here at One Stop Photo Workshops we offer One-to-One trainings so you can learn and enhance your current abilities in Photography. This Workshops are crafted for people that are after a more fulfilling and long-lasting experience through our extensive choices of Workshop tours throughout some of Australia’s and New Zealand’s most amazing locations. We believe that every person has the ability of becoming a great Photographer if they are given the correct guidance and instructions to become so. When referring to Photography, many people are very interested in learning how to use a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera; best known as DSLR cameras. This powerful tools are one of the best ways to learn about controlling light and capturing great images no matter what field of Photography you are most inclined to. We specialize in Landscape Photography, and we love to guide people into the usage and mastering of a DSLR camera.


Landscapes are one of the most popular niches of Photography, and they require a lot of thought, patience and skills to master a great image from the shot to the post processing or development of the image. We go beyond simple basics in our workshops, and we teach how to photograph the amazing landscapes at Australia and New Zealand. A regular Photographic workflow covers from the Conceptualization to the final deployment of the image. Concept refers to de definition of what are you willing to capture or achieve, and the final image deployment is about the final version of the image after developing it in a Dark Room or a Photographic Software such as Adobe Lightroom.


We also have a very great offer of Workshops that are aimed to people willing to learn more about Portraiture, which is very different from Landscape Photography. Even though, it also has a regular Workflow that starts with the concept or idea, and concludes with the final version of an image.


In both cases we teach people about Composition, which is the fundamental tool when it comes to Photography. Without a great composition, you’ll not be able to render a great photograph at the end of the day. We also teach how to control the camera in a way that you’ll be able to shoot in the most manual way possible. Manual shooting mode is as important as composition, because it will enhance the message or the idea you are trying to convey by taking an image.


Our goal is to give people the tools and knowledge that will make them take pictures that satisfy their personal and artistic vision beyond the regular snapshot taken without a defined purpose. This is something that happens, and there is nothing wrong with it, but if you are a person that wants a different result in your images, the best way to go is to learn from a trusty crew of people that beyond loving to take Photographs, also love to teach and share the knowledge, like us. We know that Photography has evolved into a beautiful and splendid state in which it has become very accessible to almost anybody in the world, from early young people, to elder person that want to have a great hobby in their lives.


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