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Looking for a quick list of Aerial Photography tips?

August 28th, 2013 - By One Stop Photo Workshops | Landscape Photography Tips

By Ricardo Da Cunha

Keep the following tips handy with you next time you’re fortunate enough to capture some images from the air!

1. Shoot using the following base settings: aperture – f/5.6; shutter speed – 1/800 (set to this using TV priority mode) and set the ISO to whatever is required to achieve the specified aperture keeping in mind to not set it up too high as to not introduce any visible noise
2. Manually focus a millimetre or two back from infinity
3. If you’re trying to photograph water, shoot at midday to achieve that awesome turquoise blue water!
4. Use a zoom lens – i.e. 70-200mm to try to emphasis patterns (i.e. reef patterns, river and creek systems)
5. Don’t rest any part of your body against the helicopter or plane; your backside should be the only point of contact!
6. Finally, use your largest possible memory card that you have! You definitely don’t want to be loosing valuable time changing memory cards whilst up in the air and worse still run-out of storage!

Shooting from the air is a lot of fun so most importantly of all have fun!

Aerial Photograph of the Great Barrier Reef by Rod ThomasPhotograph by Rod Thomas (Australian Landscape Photographer available for One-on-One Photography Courses on the Central Coast and Newcastle)

Please share these tips with your friends or family or anyone who might also benefit from them.

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