Steven Fudge – Brisbane

Steven Fudge

Bio :- Steve is a dedicated and passionate landscape photographer,he sets himself apart from others by constantly chasing and searching out the best compositions he can find in the best light. This generally means early starts and late finishes and repeat visits to locations to achieve the shot he has envisaged. His vision is to take our natural landscape and create a piece of art worthy of gracing the walls of homes and business around australia and the world, loving both the capture of the initial image and the post processing work to bring the image to life. The uniqueness of his images is clear to see in the images here and on his own site. He has won numerous awards in International photography competitions and has had images displayed in landscape magazines. He prints and frames all his own images and currently has images hanging in homes and shops around Brisbane. If you would like to capture and process works of art as he does then feel free to contact him here. He looks forward to assisting and helping you take your photography to the next level and beyond. Updates: These days I focus primarily in the realm of Black and white minimalist landscape/Cityscapes. Equipment used for capturing images SONY A7R3 Equipment/SW used for processing – Adobe Bridge/Photoshop along with Capture one for RAW files.

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