Jason James – Sunshine Coast

Jason James

Bio :- Jason has spent 20 years behind the lens as one of the most accomplished camera operators at the Seven Network. His strong leadership and unique style has seen him entrusted with coverage of some of the most pivotal events of our times. From the devastation of New York post 9/11 to the elation of the 2011 Royal Wedding he’s covered countless big events; from the most desperate child in Cambodia to the most privileged of celebrities in Hollywood he’s framed countless faces. Jason’s work has been recognised with gold and silver awards from the Australian Cinematographers Society. His experiences ignited a passion for stills photography in recent years and Jason has received popular acclaim on social media platforms for his unique take on Coastal landscapes – largely on the Sunshine Coast and Sydney’s Northern Beaches. By combining natural water motion with the perfect shutter speed his landscapes evoke a feeling of harmony and tranquility that captivate the viewer.

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