Top 10 Landscape Photography Locations In Australia & Nz


Landscape Photography revolves around the effort passionate photographers make in order to capture and showcase the vast beauty of nature with their cameras. Due to the stillness landscapes have, they were the first photography related subject in the early time of photography, where sensitive materials were pretty slow in comparison to what we have nowadays. Landscape photographs typically capture the presence of nature where little or even nonexistent human traces can be spotted on the images. Nevertheless, sometimes, landscape photography could also focus on man-made features or disturbances of landscapes.


Without further ado, here are 10 breathtaking places you can’t miss if you love exploring Australia with a Camera:


1. Blue Mountains

Not just an Australian treasure but a world jewel as well. The Blue Mountains could be the perfect spot for any landscape photographer. Filled with cinematic panoramas and stunning natural beauty, this is a nature wonder indeed. The slate-colored haze that gives the mountains their name comes from a fine mist of oil exuded by the huge eucalypt trees. This is the perfect spot for nature loving and adventurous photographers. From high point of view scenes to falls, this is a most on any landscape photography list.


2. Bright

Autumn colors are without a doubt a guilty pleasure for many photographers. From landscape to street photographers, the unique mood you can get with autumn colors is priceless. This historic village is also famous for exploring the Alpine National Park, paragliding, fishing and kayaking on local rivers, bushwalking and exploring the region’s wineries.


3. Fraser Island

This is the place to be if you like minimalist pictures of sand and dunes. Fraser Island is currently known for being the largest sand island not just in Australia, but the entire world. The World Heritage List committee inscribed it on their list due to its massive and inspiring nature. You’ll never get tired of Fraser Island because its ever changing dune system makes it always unique and unpredictable for wanderers and photographers alike.


4. Freycinet National Park (Coles Bay)

Paradise of abundant birdlife, the Freycinet National Park is the one of Tasmania’s most photographed places in Australia. It sits on a sweep of sand at the very beginning of the great dramatic pink-granite peaks. The sublime Freycinet National Park is the reason everyone is here: a wild domain of sugar-white beaches and utterly transparent water, perfect for clean compositions and impossible exposure photographs.


5. Great Ocean Road (Lorne)

This is one of Australia’s most famous touring road. It takes travelers and locals through several different venues to go crazy with your cameras. You can go to surfing breaks and cliffs, through deep and pure pockets of rainforests and soothing and calmed seaside villages. If you love wildlife, the koala filled trees will get make you really happy. The Great Ocean Road brings you up close with the waves of the Southern Ocean.

Explore the lonely beaches and the magical lighthouses that lay between towns and the thick forests of eucalyptus trees. The Geelong road will take you into the long and quiet way, across the Bellarine Peninsula with enchanting Queenscliff visits and wineries along the way. Travelers departing from Melbourne could be tempted on doing a quick visit, but really, the best way to see all the treasures of the Great Ocean Road, is to at least staying there for a week, or more.


6. Kangaroo Island

Booming destination for wilderness and wildlife photographers, filled with ethnical species and scenic coastal views. Think of it as the Galapagos of Australia, thanks to its underdevelopment and rural character perfect to seek inner peace through photography and nature.


7. Port Douglas

A strategic spot if you wish to get close to the outer Great Reef Barrier, the Daintree Rainforest and the Four Mile beach. Port Douglas is a smart move for any photographer that wants to get their gear in front of many different things. Let yourself be surrounded by forest and the sea. Allow yourself to see the beauty of the Golden Hour like never before.


8. South-West WA (Margaret River)

Indulge your senses with mesmerizing caves from the underworld and premium wine tasting. Just three hour drive from Perth, the Margaret River region is a place worth visiting and capturing with your cameras. Not everything has to do with technical stuff, and photography tastes better when enjoying the craft. Visit the Southwest Coast for wineries, breweries, tall trees and scenic drives.

Unusual for Western Australia, here at Margaret River & the Southwest Coast, you’ll be able to see everything due to the short proximity all the attractions have. This makes this place a fantastic destination if you have scarce time. Exploring it in just a few days is doable.


9. Sunshine Coast (Noosa)

This place is perfect for long exposure photography with that peculiar element only the hand of humankind can give. Explore the sunshine coast and expect something great to happen for sure in your photographs

Little bit off the track of landscapes, Eumundi Markets are definitely a place to visit while being at the Noosa Sunshine Coast. This is one of Australia’s most famous and atmospheric artisan markets, attracting over 1.6m visitors a year to its 600-plus stalls.


10. New Zealand South Island (Queenstown)

New Zealand has been a fantastic venue for Landscape Photography, and even though is outside Australia is absolutely worth visiting. Filled with mountains, lakes, forests and shores, is an all in one landscape photography paradise to enjoy at a really slow pace.

Landscape Photography is perfect for exploration, and our Australian vast land is rich in venues and places that could fulfill our most outrageous desires when it comes to Landscape Photography. With little need to travel outside Australia, you can achieve marvelous images with your cameras.


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